“Gisèle has been teaching me piano for over five years. Apart from being a qualified and performing pianist herself, Gisèle’s qualities include expertise, patience, enthusiasm, kindness, and dedication. She tailors her teaching approach to the individual‘s personality, interests, and abilities which I personally found amazing. Thanks to Gisèle I have been growing as a pianist ever since I have known her. She has given me confidence to become a pianist. I have developed a wide variety of piano techniques and have become skilful in piano playing. I have developed my repertoire, passed several piano examinations with distinction, participated in various events and won prizes in piano competitions both locally and abroad. This has only been achieved through Gisèle’s support and dedication in her teaching. She sets high standards for her students for them to achieve success in the piano world. Thanks to Gisèle’s positive and encouraging teaching style, lessons were always enjoyable. I owe my continued success in piano performance to Gisèle’s teaching”.
Jean-Marc Fabri – Student Pianist and Composer

“I have had the opportunity to experience Gisèle’s teaching and guidance for almost two years. Gisèle is a patient, enthusiastic and a passionate musical educator where lessons are tailored according to student’s requests and needs. A sincere dedication for teaching, Gisèle constantly sought to identify areas of improvement in such a way that they become the target for continuous progress and improvement. This was done through constant encouragement and support. Moreover, Gisèle has always sought to encourage students to reach their full potential and aim for their dreams.”
Rachel Gauci – Piano Student at Conservatoire du Grand Avignon

Gisèle is an amazing vocal coach and mentor for anyone seeking greater achievement and enjoyment in music. She is highly experienced and very professional and will push you to do your utmost best with every piece you tackle together, paying attention not only to technical detail but also to the emotion and story that every piece should express.  I would recommend Gisèle for anyone looking for a solid & enjoyable music education and for anyone willing to work hard for amazing results. Gisèle is an excellent teacher with highly professional performing skills, comprehensive knowledge of music, and a wonderful personality. She is extremely inspiring to work with and I feel very lucky to be able to continue my musical and vocal development under her guidance.”
Francesca Aquilina – Soprano

“The course was intensive and wide ranging in the variety of the topics covered. An excellent delivery, informative, clear and concise, and also very encouraging. I would very much be interested in attending a similar course.  These kind of intensive courses give a very detailed emphasis on particular themes.  The fact that the course was of a duration of eight consecutive days helped students to keep a sharp focus. By giving us students a glimpse of the wealth of musicianship skills, it has certainly helped my approach to the various aural aspects I needed to improve on.”
Suzanne Torpiano – Piano Student

“Gisele is a very friendly educator and made us feel welcome to ask any questions. A nice overall ambience in her music room. The course helped me in understanding how to pitch intervals and to get an awareness on different musical styles and how to recognise the appropriate musical era.”
Josette Axiaq – Composer & Pianist