Professional Services


One-to-One tuition in Piano Playing and Performance for Beginners

These sessions are designed to suit the student’s musical and practising needs through individual attention. Whether beginners or practising pianists, it is understood that all students of any age demonstrate differentiated levels of progress, and these sessions are ideal to mould and monitor this progress where the focus is on the student. The one-to-one tuition sessions also include the development of aural skills which is an essential tool from the early stages to advanced levels of music learning.

Sessions are open to young beginners (minimum age 4), students at elementary level and adult beginners (no age limit).

One-to-one Tuition in Piano Performance for Intermediate/Advanced Students

For those students who wish to develop their musical and performance capabilities further, these intense sessions cover all aspects of performance and correct practising techniques. A wide-ranging repertoire from Baroque keyboard works to contemporary works can be covered through continuous learning and practice. Of course, students at this level need to demonstrate commitment towards the development of their learning and this can be done through regular practice and research through listening and attending concerts. Students at this level will also be given the opportunity to perform in recitals and piano classes.

It is recommended, though not compulsory, that students in the Intermediate/Advanced course are no younger than
12-13 years of age.


As part of the on-going development in instrumental performance, students of all levels will be offered the opportunity to
participate in Piano Classes according to their level. These classes are regularly organised and delivered in a small group set up. Students are encouraged to prepare and present some works which will be performed in front of their peers. The Piano Classes
are intended to serve as a valuable performance platform for students to develop in confidence and to strengthen their performance and listening skills.


Music theory is incorporated into the one-to-one piano lesson whereby students follow academic aspects to support their piano learning. At the initial stages up to Grade 5 level, music theory skills cover the basic fundamentals of how music is written including elements of pitch, rhythm, time, harmony, structure, form, basic composition and many others. Both areas of music theory and piano practice are given importance throughout the lesson.



Gisèle has been an active recitalist from a young age and has performed in Malta, Sicily, South-West France, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Syria and in major cities around the UK. She is in demand as a recital performer in her home country Malta and is known by many critics and audiences alike as an ‘intelligent and sensitive performer’ (The Sunday Times, Malta).

Her recital programmes are carefully devised to please, suit and work in different performance settings. Gisèle believes in bringing classical music to varying audiences and often her recitals are delivered with the inclusion of dialogue by means of interjectory comments or other relevant information. She strongly feels this complements her performances and ultimately invites audiences to listen and enjoy the music better.

Gisèle is available for the following recitals in solo or chamber musical set-ups:

  • Public Recitals
  • Private Recitals
  • Lecture Recitals
  • Recitals for Children (ideally aged 6 upwards)


Gisèle has had extensive experience as accompanist on the performing stage. She regularly collaborates with professional vocalists and instrumentalists and has performed around various venues in Malta and overseas. She has been privileged to receive lieder training from the renowned song accompanist Julius Drake and chamber tuition from pianist Ian Brown.

Apart from recitals, Gisèle is also available to accompany any instrumentalists who are sitting for an examination of any board. These sessions may also include aural test training, an important requirement in all board examinations. It is strongly advised that this section is not left to the last minute to develop. Students in need of an accompanist and aural training skills sessions are asked to contact Gisèle by email at least 3 months prior to the examination period.


One thought on “Professional Services

  1. Good morning Gisele. I was given your contact by a friend of mine, Caroline Muscat. We learned piano together when we were kids. She referred me to you as I would like my 4 yr old daughter to start learning the piano. Do you give any private tuition plz? Thanks

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