Educational Work

With over ten years of experience in the educational field, Gisèle regularly creates projects and initiatives that encourage music among children and youths. In the UK, she trained and worked as a performing artist specialist with Artis which saw her stimulating creativity and excellence in children. This opened up opportunities for her to regularly deliver holistic workshops and projects incorporating music with drama and movement.

In Malta, Gisèle has worked as a full time Music Teacher in both the private and state sectors and as lecturer at the Music Department, University of Malta. Within school, her responsibilities have included coordinating school concerts and delivering music lessons which focus on the expression of creativity through music and the performing arts. In 2011 Gisèle was appointed on the MATSEC panel for the then newly devised syllabus of Music at Ordinary Level. In 2020, she was re-appointed on the same panel to revise and rework the current syllabus.

In 2014, Gisèle founded Sally Singers an ongoing ensemble initiative based at Teatru Salesjan which encourages, motivates and inspires children through music and singing. More recently she set up Sally Strings which offers children the opportunity to engage in ensemble instrumental playing. Currently a Board Director at Teatru Salesjan, Gisèle also holds position as Arts Education Coordinator. She has been honoured to undertake position as Trustee for the Ian Tomlin Napier/Malta Scholarship where she supports the aspirations of local music students.

If you would like your child to join the choir or the chamber group, get in touch here.

Piano, theory and musicianship lessons

Gisèle offers tailored lessons in piano practice, theory and musicianship. The lessons are given on a one-to-one basis, allowing full attention to each pupil.

While her methods of teaching are flexible and fun, Gisèle also prepares students for music examinations following the ABRSM syllabus.

She has been described by her students as “highly experienced and very professional”, and a teacher who will “push you to do your utmost best with every piece you tackle together, paying attention not only to technical detail but also to the emotion and story that every piece should express”.

If you would like to sign up for music lessons, get in touch here.

One-to-One tuition in Piano Playing and Performance for Beginners

Students receive individual attention in sessions which are tailored according to their needs. Every student progresses at different levels and the lessons are specially adapted to mould and monitor this progress. The one-to-one sessions also include the development of aural skills, an essential tool in all stages of music learning.

Sessions are open to young beginners (minimum age 5), students at elementary level and adult beginners (no age limit).

One-to-one Tuition in Piano Performance for Intermediate/Advanced Students

These intense lessons are aimed at those who wish to develop their musical and performance skills. They cover all aspects of performance and correct practicing techniques. A wide-ranging repertoire from Baroque keyboard works to contemporary works can be covered through continuous learning and practice. Of course, students need to be committed to their learning and this can be done through regular practice and research by listening and attending concerts. Students will also be given the opportunity to perform in recitals and piano classes.

It is recommended, though not compulsory, that students in the Intermediate/Advanced course are no younger than 12 years of age.

Music Theory

Music theory is incorporated into the one-to-one piano lesson. In this way, students learn about the language of the music they are playing. At the initial stages up to Grade 5 level, music theory skills cover the basic fundamentals of how music is written, including elements of pitch, rhythm, time, harmony, structure, form and basic composition. Both areas of music theory and piano practice are given importance throughout the lesson.

Student Concerts

Concerts offer students of all levels the opportunity to prepare their work in the aim of performing to friends and family. These concerts are organized twice a year and serve as a valuable platform in developing confidence and strengthening performance and listening skills. Additionally, students are also encouraged to enter into competitions and other performance opportunities.




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